This is what 8values says I am. Answer a few questions and it spits out an answer. As I’m sure everyone knows, the truth is not so simple. We all have a mix of views across the spectrum. I’m for instance a bigger nationalist than my results would indicate. I value international cooperation, but not at the expense of national sovereignty. Also, if something is clearly in our interests but everyone else disagrees, that doesn’t mean I have to go along with them. Nor do I believe I have any right to be upset when they then act in their collective interests.

When it comes to social matters I believe that it’s not really any of the government’s business what I do. They should mind their own business when it comes to my recreational activities, sexual or otherwise. I think that traditions shouldn’t be upheld just for tradition’s sake. I also don’t think that having traditions and celebrating them is an issue, as long as you can explain why it is important to do so. Of course “Because that is what we have always done” doesn’t fly.

I think the government can be a force for good, but also can act against it’s citizens interests. Terrorism has made privacy into a joke. But government’s are the only way to counterbalance corporations in the pendulum of power.

Like you all, I’m a mix of what I have heard, seen, and experienced. So let’s continue looking, listening, and living as we move towards better systems for us, the people.

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